Telecoms Equipment

Telecoms Equipment

Telecoms Equipment Recycling

We offer our clients a way to dispose of unwanted or redundant and Telecoms equipment in a certified environmentally safe manner. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the collection and recycling of the equipment. It also addresses the responsible management of the technology and equipment at the end of its life cycle through utilisation of environmentally responsible processes. These processes reduce the negative impact to the environment.

Our equipment recycling service provides for the professional disposal of all types of telecoms hardware.  MGH Scotland’s experience allows us to manage all types of equipment, from a small retail store’s phone system, to a full council office building’s telecommunications system. It does not matter to us what make and model your equipment is, or whether it is working, we can recycle it. We will remove all parts of the network to ensure nothing is missed. 

Our professional team will come to your building, collect all equipment to be recycled, and provide all relevant paperwork. Once our internal team has completed the recycling, we will issue a recycling report and all relevant certificates.

Our WEEE-compliant telecoms recycling service helps you dispose of all of your end-of-life network and telecoms equipment.  We disassemble the equipment to remove the precious metals and other valuable parts, and recycle every part possible.

As well as ensuring as much is recovered as possible financially from the equipment, this work helps you to minimise the amount of materials your company sends to the landfill in order to help meet your company’s sustainability goals.

We process all brands of Telecom equipment from desk top handsets to complete PBX systems including racking and cabling.

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