PCB Recovery

Printed Circuit Board PCB Recovery

PCB recovery

We offer professional PCB Recovery.  PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards contain many special chemicals and valuable materials. When PCBs are scrapped, these materials discharge into the environment. We offer recycling of these resourceful wastes generated by the printed circuit board industry.

What we do:
After chip and recovery removal, circuit boards are stripped of any metal brackets and hazard materials, such as batteries.

Any edges, connectors and integrated circuits bearing visible precious metals can be recovered in laboratories, which are also equipped for processing plating and strip solution.

The residual waste circuit board is then granulated and, together with cathode ray tubes and their copper coils, shipped to western partners for copper and further precious metal refinement.

The inert waste material from both circuit boards and cathode ray tubes are recycled at the most environmentally friendly sites.

For further information on our PCB recovery service please do not hesitate to contact us.