Mobile Phone and Tablet Recycling and Reuse

Mobile and Tablet Recycling Scotland

We need secure tablet recycling and now that mobile phones and tablets are staples in our businesses, the disposal of them is becoming an issue. Most contain similar information to your computers including emails, contact details and passwords.

Did you know that an estimated 54% of mobile phones that are discarded or resold still contain personal and client information?

Don’t rely on ‘Factory Reset’ to delete the data for you, much of this information can still be recovered – from phone numbers, to emails, to photos and even saved passwords.

Secure Mobile and Tablet Recycling

MGH Scotland offers permanent data erasure, with certification, from devices including mobile phones, smartphones and tablet computers. This is not offered by most mobile phone recycling firms. They put the onus on the users to remove data before sending it to them. This is not acceptable for corporate technology.tablet recycling

We offer secure collection, permanent data removal and certification. Whether you then wish to reuse the refurbished technology yourself, or allow us to recycle it, or let us compensate you by selling the technology on for reuse – whichever option you choose, you will be guaranteed that your data is safe, secure and erased from the device forever.

100% data security
MGH Scotland securely erases all data from the internal and external memories of smart phones, tablets and mobile phones. All user data, including emails, contacts, text messages, emails, passwords and call logs will be permanently deleted.

We understand that security is paramount. For over 20 years MGH Scotland has been securely recycling and refurbishing IT equipment to the highest standards. We focus on security so there is no opportunity for data to escape. We provide a full range of recycling services including data erasure and hard drive destruction for mobiles and tablets all to exacting CESG standards.