IT Equipment Recycling

IT Equipment Recycling

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Computer Recycling

Security is paramount. For over 20 years MGH Scotland has been securely recycling and refurbishing IT equipment to the highest standards. We focus on security so there is no opportunity for data to escape. We provide a full range of recycling services including data erasure and hard drive destruction all to exacting CESG standards.

Ethical Disposal Routes

All WEEE is refurbished and recycled in the UK.

We work hard to achieve our commitment that 100% of your computer will be recycled and that nothing will go to landfill. Our first option is always to re-furbish your redundant equipment and extend its serviceable life. In most cases, a simple re-refurbishment will extend the life of a computer by an additional 3 years.

When e-waste is obsolete or damaged and cannot be re-furbished, it is then broken down into component parts to be re-used in new computers. By re-using as many elements as possible, we are limiting the energy use involved in recycling materials.

When all other options have been investigated and proven unsuitable, we will then ensure that waste parts are recycled by a specialist IT components recycler. By recovering and recycling even the smallest of constituent part, we ensure that no part of your computer ends up in landfill.

Prolonging the life of old equipment means less new computers are manufactured. Re-use is more environmentally friendly than recycling as no additional energy is used to recycle or manufacture a new product.

Our IT Equipment Recycling Service Includes:

  1. WEEE documentation
  2. Transport
  3. Processing
  4. Data wiping with certification
  5. Asset report
  6. Refurbishment & Recycling