IT and Electrical Recycling Stirling

IT and Electrical Recycling Stirling

MGH Scotland has been established in Central Scotland for over 20 years offering businesses in Stirling the opportunity to securely dispose of and recycle their IT and Electrical equipment.

IT Refurbishment Stirling

Only with our clients’ permission, we can refurbish computers, tablets and mobile phones to an extremely high standard with absolutely all trace of previous ownership securely removed.

As well as being the most environmentally friendly option for old IT equipment, this option may also produce revenue return for our client – or even a donation to their favourite charity.

Stirling Secure Computer Recycling Process

All computing equipment received by MGH Scotland is inspected and any external identification is removed. Hard drives are erased to HMG Infosec 5 / CESG standard and the BIOS will be scanned for identification markers and removed electronically.

All processes have a final inspection that ensures our security procedures maintain a 100% safety record. A record that we are extremely proud in over 20 years of service to our clients.